Claire Aves


Claire Aves is a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer with 13 years’ experience in the fitness industry. She is knowledgeable in many disciplines such as Weight loss/gain, strength and conditioning, sports specific health and fitness, competition stage preparation to name a few. Claire is also a semi professional boxer and wrestler competing in the UK and Europe and has recently received `WBFF PRO’ (World beauty fitness and fashion) professional status. Claire has studied advanced diet and nutrition which enables her to offer each client a bespoke and targeted dietary plan to supplement her personal training packages, enabling her clients to achieve their goals in quick, natural and safe manor. Claire is always attending seminars and keeping up to date with the fitness industry. Claire is a big believer in “Your goal is my goal” and thrives in the challenge of achieving your goals with you – together, as a team. Her training programs and nutrition plans together with her personal training sessions will motivate and push you to reach your full potential and beyond. Not only are her sessions knowledgeable and achievable, but also fun and exciting, making each session different and unique.

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