Daniel Casey


Dan is a Nutritional and Rehab specialist, focusing specifically on knees, shoulders and lower back. His knowledge comes from well over 5 years as a professional trainer working with some of the most esteemed health professionals in the industry.His nutritional approach comes from his years of experience both as a trainer and a competitor. Dan recognises the importance of having a nutritional plan that works for you and your goals, and likes to adapt your current diet to fit with your goals and lifestyle. He has found this to be the most successful in promoting a healthy and effective change which has resulted in great success for many clients including; one losing 5 stone and 5 Dress sizes and another featuring in Mens’s Health.Dan’s rehab background comes from working closely with the Oxford University sports teams physiotherapists and Osteopaths. Whilst on a postural rehabilitation course Dan moved to London and since then has worked closely under an acupuncture and manipulation lecturer and author.Dan is an current ukbff champion and has a rugby and martial arts background. His approach to training pre-dominantly focuses on movement and power exercises and added conditioning to provide a fully comprehensive training package which can include:· Shoulder, back and knee rehab· Dramatic body composition changes· Core strengthening and correcting imbalances· Become Stronger, leaner and healthier

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