David Bissell


David is a coach who will help you get to where you want to be while learning how to sustain your body and lifestyle thereafter. Training with David is whatever you want it to be, there's no one size fits all. David will create a solution tailored to you, based on your current level and what you'd like to achieve. You'll learn correct form, technique and what makes a workout effective. David starts all new clients with a movement testing session to ensure the client is moving correctly and to avoid injury. All personal training comes with training programs (including what to do when your not training with David), nutritional advice and statistics tracking (fitness levels, bodyfat % etc). Your goal is David's goal, from the moment you start training with David every workout you do is part of a strategic, progressive plan, that guarantees results.As per David's credentials. David played American Football at a high level at University, winning Team MVP two years in a row. He holds bodybuilding titles including Fit Factor champion and British Natural Bodybuilding Federation junior champion. David's been featured in Muscle & Fitness magazine, UltraFit Magazine, StudyFit Magazine and has spoken on BBC radio 1 fitness documentaries. Alongside his position at Gymbox David holds responsibilities as a director at two fitness companies.David only takes on a select number of clients at the gym to ensure that all of them receive the attention they deserve.

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