Didi Kan


Power Lifting British Champion, Functional Strength Coach and Urban Krav Maga Instructor.Thank you for looking at my profile. Certified strength and condition coach, I train all my clients with a no nonsense approach, like semi athletes. I only modify and adapt parameters to suit each individual. If you plan a triathlon, aim to be the next MMA champion, want to break a squat plateau or just perfect that snatch, my job is to optimize your time and energy and reach that goal and more!!! If you haven't got any specific sports performance aspirations, you will be coached to become stronger, fitter, healthier and look and feel fantastic as a byproduct of that training!!!I specialize in power lifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebell, combat sports conditioning and self defense. I can also help common sports related injuries with corrective rehab/prehab exercises. I teach a reality based self defense system under the Urban Krav Maga Federation, covering the 10 most common street attacks in London.

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