Elliot Moger


Bodyweight and Calisthenics Specialist and co founder of Lift. The Movement. Bodyweight training is taking over as the new fashionable form of training, as well as acquiring a specific skill set, the benefits of bodyweight stand high above any other form of training. Benefits of bodyweight training:- Develop core and abdominal conditioning unrivalled by conventional training methods- Develop great athleticism and the physique of a gymnast- Reduce the risk of physical imbalances and the mobility issues associated with them- Experience bodyweight HIIT training for great strength gains, building muscle and dropping fat.- Learn to add weight to bodyweight training for serious muscle gains and transform your physiqueNot only can bodyweight training get you the physique you want but also you have the opportunity to be professionally taught the following skills:- The Muscle up (on the bars and the rings)- Handstands (floor and parallel bars)- Front Lever- Back Lever- Planche

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