Erkan Talip


Erkan has been a personal trainer over 2 years with his passion for changing people’s lifestyle coming from previously working in a school for 7 years as a PE teacher. He impacted their life in some way whether it was losing weight or toning up and making them feel more confident about themselves.Specialising in strength and conditioning, weight loss, and toning, Erkan has helped his clients achieve their goals specifically for their personal needs such as losing weight for a wedding, dress size or sometimes just for themselves.Erkan also has experience in boxing and is passionate about the sport. He loves to use this as part of his client training as it’s great for weight loss and also makes sessions fun and interactive.If you are looking to lose weight, tone up, build muscle and boost your confidence along the way, then book a session with Erkan and get started on changing your life and start feeling healthier and seeing the changes you want.