Garry Rhodes


Garry is a personal trainer with a passion for coaching people from where they are now in their current state of health & fitness, to a level of improvement that is life changing. Owner of 'Project YOU,' Garry puts the right plan in place to help you become the best version of yourself, because the best project you'll ever work on is you! Garry has gained exceptional knowledge and experience, and with nearly 10 years working in the fitness industry, he is more than confident and capable of helping you achieve the results you desire. In the past, he has helped many achieve their ideal weight, look and feel their best and improve performance, with some incredible before & after pictures and written testimonials from some very happy clients. 'No matter what your goal is, I put everything in place to help you achieve it. My personal training service focuses on 3 key areas; nutrition, exercise and mindset. I help people focus on the success required in all 3, which if done correctly, will always produce results.' To book an initial complimentary session and take the first step towards achieving your health and fitness goals, please use the following contact details: E-mail: [email protected]: garry_projectyou

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