George Edwards


Individual Tailor made training programs that are periodised to your needs.If you want to compete in a Tough Mudder race or a triathlon your training NEEDS a schedule and a plan of attack. Exercise should be fun but ultimately you want to reach your goals not just talk about them. I'm a huge fan of using crossfit workouts to push you to your limits but also correcting & improving your body's technique and mobility. People that move well are less prone to injury. I am an excellent motivator and will drive you on to achieve your goals. I've been coaching for over 9 years so my experience of the to do and not to do will save you time. Your body is always searching for balance. Therefore your training needs to be mirroring this thought with well executed balanced training sessions. Success leaves clues and it's my job to help you learn about them & how your body wants to move. So If you want to be fitter faster stronger or simply just look better naked (most people do)Get in touch:1/1 training partner training & small group training Qualifications YMCA level 3 personal Training BSc in Sports Science Sports Massage ITEC level 3/4

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