Jools Newsome


Jools is passionate about helping busy professionals lose fat, increase lean muscle and get in great shape, that been said he's very selective who he works with, choosing to ONLY work with people who want to be helped...Who are ready to COMMIT.. And make the positive changes needed to change current circumstances!Why? So you get the 'BEST' results possible!Jools helps the busy professional who deals with long days, daily stresses and a high paced life crack the balance needed to get fitter, leaner and healthier in less than 3 hours per week.This is done through a bespoke training system using a mixture of weights and functional training that will maximise time spent in the gym, boosting your metabolism so it’s hard at work 24-48 hours after your session - burning fat and progressing long after you drop the weights!And second, as equally important! A tailored nutrition plan that fits into your lifestyle, forcing a fitter, leaner, healthier you while progressing to that physique you've got your sights on!Woking with Jools guarantees results! Not only will you become fit, lean, and buzz with confidence, but you'll have a fun time doing it!If You Demand RESULTS And would Like to see How I Can Help you, Book Your Free Strategy Session With Jools TODAY)

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