Marian Toth


Marian has a wealth of experience born through 10 years of competitive ice hockey through to competing for 4 years in bodybuilding. After completing a degree in Physiotherapy, he has worked with patients in rehabilitation using a range of delegated exercises and manual physiotherapy. Marian has studied many areas of fitness such as exercise referral for specific controlled conditions, sport conditioning, strength training, bodybuilding, indoor group cycling and outdoor classes such as boot camps. In addition to this, Marian has also completed the Body Transformation Coach qualification at the Body Transformation Academy, to help his clients change their mindset and achieve their aesthetic goals faster.His guidance has helped clients achieve their goals including body sculpting, weight loss, bodybuilding and aesthetics goals while taking postural and mobility issues into consideration.
Training with Marian means you will discover how to take control of your physical health so that you not only look good, but feel great, pain free, full of energy and know that you are in control of your life, in a body you love that radiates vitality and allows you to accomplish results at everything you do. 
Through an understanding of how much your lifestyle can improve your fitness, Marian will help you become healthier and fitter with a good fitness strategy made possible by your willingness to change.He wont only push you to your limit during your sessions to achieve your fitness goals, he'll help you to improve your lifestyle, self esteem and overall health.