Michael Bossman


Originally coming from an athletic background Michael has always been involved with fitness. As he matured, his knowledge on fitness grew, his experience now ranges from mixed martial arts/ boxing to aesthetic conditioning. Michael takes pride in one client who competed in a regional UKBFF competition and placed third in the physique category. He also coached a client who competed in Stars of Tomorrow and placed first in the up to 90kg category.Michael fundamentally specialises in Aesthetic conditioning (improving and changing your body composition). He doesn’t just enable you to achieve this quickly but also for the long run. Whether it be for competition purposes or as simple as you wanting to look great on your birthday, Mike’s your man!Greatest achievements: •Helped a clinically obese man drop 24 kilograms in 3 months due to the fact that he was given a year to live.•Coached a Taekwondo fighter who competed in a nationals tournament in Italy 2014.•Rehabilitated a 74 year old man from 2 hip replacements in 8 months.Favourite quotes: “You can never cross the ocean unless you lose sight of the shore”“ How bad do you want it!”