Mikhail St Catherine


Self-development is a selfish act; being a good coach that prides oneself on the success’ of the client is a selfless continuance. Life is all about finding a balance.One thing i can guarantee you as a coach is knowledge, guidance and support. As a fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast I am constantly seeking knowledge and excellence.Reputation is everything. I am dedicated to enhancing my client’s ability’s through goal setting and milestone achievements which harness’ and directs the power of the subconscious mind. Which in turn guides positive habits on auto pilot. Furious dedication and hard work; these two characteristics alone will quantify results. Fortunately for me I love lifting, pushing my body to its limits and most of all I love eating good food. Being in good physical health demonstrates discipline and that you’re not lazy within yourself. Just knowing how hard you have to work to overcome a challenge on the gym floor will spill over into every aspect of your life.I am a no nonsense, no gimmicks type of trainer. Your results are my success’ and this is what I feed off, this is what drives my ambition. Sessions will include education, hard-work, sweat & some tears; occasionally. I can only promise hard-work; which will equate to progress and inevitably success.Qualifications : ACA (Advanced Coaching Academy Lv.1) in progress - 12month course Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer & Nutritional AdvisorLevel 2 Circuit Instructor

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