Nagi Kandil


Be the strongest, fittest, best version of yourself.After 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, gaining high level qualifications, a place in the Guinness Book of Records, and having competed at natural body building at a national level both here and abroad, I have not lost any of the enthusiasm I had when I started. I love my job! I love training people to help them attain their individual goals and watching them, with my help and support, become fitter, stronger, more confident people. Along the way I have made good friends, have had a lot of fun motivating them, driving them hard while still have a good laugh and getting better results than they could have imagined. What are your goals?Weight Loss?I worked with for a year with a 45 year old professional woman who lost half her body weight and trained for a marathon which she successfully completed in a personal best time. The changes in her physically and mentally were astounding.Another current client (a male in his 50s) has dropped from 130 kilos to 85 kilos. My nutritional programme and twice weekly sessions ensured he lost the weight quickly while increasing muscle mass and avoiding the flabbiness normally associated with major weight loss. He is now toned, muscled and can train like a much younger personCompetition?I trained a 19 year old for 18 months in preparation for the British Junior Natural Body Building Competition where he came first in the London heat.Another client in his 40s was placed second at the Miami Pro Over-Forties Fitness Model competition.Pain Free Future?Modern life and being tied to a desk all day results in a range of muscular imbalances leading to bad posture and chronic pain. I have worked with numerous clients to identify kinetic muscular-skeletal disfunction and tailor made programmes to correct any imbalances in the body resulting in them being able to lead a pain free, quality life.

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