Ophelie Griffond


Do not be fooled by her size, Ophelie will have you sweat in seconds. Her training started as early as the age of 4 in gymnastics and she joined a traveling circus school at 8 being coached in acrobatics and aerial arts by performers from Cirque du Soleil and the Moscow Circus. For her, discipline and commitment to fitness has always been part of her life. However having undergone several leg surgeries she also understands how it feels to start from square one and how much perseverance it takes to reach goals.Ophelie will strive to find the most creative and fun ways to maximise the benefits of a workout without clowning around. She knows the secrets of strength and power of the best circus acrobats. She understands that being fit requires a wide range of physical abilities and will challenge your balance, stamina, endurance and flexibility in a variety of exercises designed specifically to your needs. She has a passion for holistic lifestyle and will integrate some elements to your training to enhance your performance such as breathing and focus exercises as well as deep stretching. Her personalised plans will take you on an exciting health and fitness journey, promoting new levels of well-being that will guarantee those results you have been wanting for so long.To get in touch:07587336747 [email protected]

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