Ray Buckton


Ray Buckton is one of the most sought after nutrition and body composition specialists based in the City of London. Having competed as a competitive elite swimmer, Ray then studied a Bsc in Sports before turning to a career in personal training. Over the years, Ray has continued to enhance his knowledge with further theoretical studies in biochemistry and advanced nutrition, and as a result, has been invited by various online magazines and blogs to contribute content on all aspects related to health, fitness and exercise. Ray’s expertise has lead him to working with an array of clientele from around the world, helping them to manage their lifestyles, nutrition and training to optimise their health and body composition. In the words of Ray's clients: TANYA DEMPSEY 39 – ‘I couldn’t believe how quickly my strength and fitness improved and this is 100% down to Ray’s expert knowledge and commitment to ensuring that my programme was tailored to get me to achieve exactly what I had set out to do’ ALEX CLARKE-GROOM 33 – ‘I was hungry, grumpy and podgy about 80% of the time! Now I feel and look the best I ever have and am a total convert’ BONNIE CRAVEN-FRANCIS 35 – ‘Ray takes a very educated and professional approach to training, he is also very calm but still pushes you to get great results’ ROMMEL MOSELEY 33 - I can confidently say that my entire attitude to a healthy lifestyle has changed due to Ray and I have never felt better about myself’ JESS BLANK 27 – ‘Ray’s personal training is unique because he has a deep understanding of the science and mechanics of the human body which, I have learned, is essential to getting results’ RICHARD SMITH 40 – ‘Ray makes you think and inspires you to change a few things...it's worked and long may it continue!’ ANDREW MCCUTCHEON 49 – ‘With well-structured training combined with good advice on what you can do outside of the gym regarding lifestyle and diet has led me to being in a very good state of mind and the fittest I have ever been in my life’[email protected]

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