Rodney Mitchell


Not only a 'Very Personal Trainer' but like you, Rodney has had his own personal struggles with exercise. What with trying many different gyms and Personal Trainers to participating in High Intensity Interval Classes, and a whole host of other sources who had all promised Rodney the world. Rodney's experience lead him to believe that the same pattern seemed to repeat itself - He would go into workouts highly motivated, train his butt off and inevitably end up getting stuck in the same old cycle of pushing himself past exhaustion, and winding up either injured or feeling broken down. Rodney realised that there had to be a smarter more maintainable way… so He went to work on creating one.One were people would learn the minimum effective dose approach and stop wasting their time spending long hours in the gym seeing little to no results. One where people did only that what they needed to do to get the job done whilst discovering the biggest mistakes that could be sabotaging their workout efforts. Rather than slapping together yet another program where people would have to organize their life around it, Rodney went ahead and created an effective, modern, balanced approach to exercise one that fit's right into a persons lifestyle. After years of building up a community of strong, empowered people, and guiding them in their training while constantly getting their feedback, Rodney has been able to perfect a formula to help people look and feel their absolute best in the LEAST amount of time, without running themselves into the ground.Rodney is a firm believer that the problem with most fitness training plans are that despite their best intentions, people seem to work harder and harder for less and less. He further empathises that if you've ever found yourself veering into an obsessive place with your diet and nutrition to the point you felt you weren't meant to look or feel a certain way then personal training is for you. Further more he believes strongly that If you have ever followed a restrictive eating plan, only to find your body gaining back the weight once you've stopped dieting then very personal training with Rodney Mitchell may well be very perfect fit for YOU!

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