Sebastiano Bitti


Sebastiano has developed the most advanced personal training, company,designed solely to help you transform your body A good workout not only see the benefits it gives your body but also encourages you to enjoy exercise in a new and exciting way.All of Sebastiano's training sessions have a firm base in science, formalised to give you llasting and healthy results. Whether you are looking to lose weight or get in shape for a competition, there is a training routine designed specifically to help you achieve the very best results.Sebastiano can even help you recover from various injuries and get back in shape. I am also a qualified Plyquinn Trainer and Biosigniture practitioner. Sebastiano can give you the motivation to meet every single goal , ultimately achieving your dream body transformation. His simple and easy to follow steps are grounded in the most up to date scientific breakthrough. He consults daily with the top researchers in health and fitness, so he can bring you the best sessions possible.Having a body you are proud of can drastically change your life in more ways you thought possible. With the correct amount of rest, great food and exercise you can achieve your desired results. Sebastiano can lead you in the right direction giving you expert advice to help you reach each milestone with the motivation and confidence to go further. each personal training session is tailored to your needs and you don't have to spend hours in the gym but the quality of training is priority.Whatever your level, ability or previous experience is, Sebastiano can utilize his 15 years of knowledge to transform your body. If you are willing to put the effort in to succeed then you can share in Sebastiano's success and achieve a healthier fitter life.Sebastiano's big passion and specialisation is in fat loss achieving great results with his clients. Looking forward to training you.

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