Silke Pichler


I have got a background in professional sports: as an Elite Athlete of theAustrian National Team I have competed five times in the IronmanWorld Championships both in Hawaii in 2006 and 2008, and in the Ironman70.3 World Championships in Florida in 2006, 2008 and 2009.I was Austrian National Ironman Champion in 2007, and won the 3rd place inthe Elite National Duathlon Championships in 2007. My best internationalranking in an Elite Ironman event I achieved in Ironman UK in 2009 (place5).I have got extensive experience in Sport Coaching: After a one-yearMentorship programme with my Strength- and Conditioning Mentor in Leeds,Brendan Chaplin, I have recently qualified as level 3 S&C Sport Coach. Ihave trained amateur athletes of the Cambridge Triathlon Club, theCambridge Swimming Club and the Cambridge Rugby Club and prepared them forvarious national and international competitions. My best athlete has veryrecently won 7 Gold medals in the World Transplant Games in Argentina andset 4 new world records in swim sprint events.In addition to Sport coaching I have specialized in the Management of LowerBack pain, Postural Analysis and Corrective Exercise and I have got 4 yearsof work experience with several physiotherapy clinics. I have successfullysupported clients with physical disabilities to regain their fitness andconducted training programmes for rehabilitation from sport injuries.During my GP exercise referral course I have improved the quality of lifefor clients with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes,and obesity, and helped them back into a regular fitness regime and sportsactivities.

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