Suzana Sorokova


Suzana's passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle in general has started at the point when she realized that she's no longer happy with the way she looks. She always used to be a tiny girl, very active one but once Suzana moved to the UK and let all the circumstances around her to affect her life she become an overweight person with no self-esteem, no self-confidence and no energy at all. She was unhappy and frustrated all the time until she's changed her mindset and started to work on it. Suzana's knowledge comes not only from an education and everyday research in exercise science and nutrition but also from her very own experiences. As a former aerobic instructor and a karate teacher for teens she got a chance to train people at different levels of fitness, with different sports backgrounds, age or condition.She now specialises in weight loss, muscle building, conditioning, flexibility and booty building. Suzana is not only aiming to be your personal trainer for the time of a workout she's aiming to become your lifestyle coach ! She believes that once you get into motion toward something that is important to you, it’s much easier to continue making progress than it is if you stop somewhere along the way and have to start again. As she likes to say : 'You have no idea of the amazing things you’re capable of ! '. You have so much more in you than you ever imagined. Do you want her to help you to reveal your own potential ? Don't hesitate to contact her. She is here for you.If you want to take complete control over your health but need a help with it, don't leave nothing to chance. [email protected] 07581440365