Terry Whitaker


Terry is a young, enthusiastic trainer with his whole life being inside and around the gym industry. He has worked in the fitness industry around multiple training clubs.“I love training, and even more getting others into training, and bettering themselves, That’s what counts.” Terry is mainly into strength training, weight loss and bodybuilding as well as sport conditioning and rehabilitation, he has coached rugby as well as played himself. No matter what your goals, everything is possible, you just have to put in the time and effort.“What makes me a good trainer is not my level 3 qualification, rather my experiences, and own research and putting them to the test. My main goal as a personal trainer is to get you to stop looking at other people and wanting to look like them, we all have our own path, become the best you!!! When you have such love and passion for the fitness industry and training, you just want to introduce everyone into it. And share that passion.

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