Tim Cooper


As a body transformation specialist, Tim is a trainer, life coach, friend, therapist (not licensed) nutritionist…He is whatever people need him to be to make sure they have the most successful transformation possible. Tim has over 15 years experience on the gym floor, he cares so much about people, he will do anything to help them realise their own potential.Tim works with a vast range of clientele, however he only works with a certain number of clients at one time to ensure maximum focus and results. Tim's 30 days of HIIT Training & 90 Day Total Body Transformation, are programs that have made him the trainer to work with today. These programs include full nutritional plan, weekly progress pictures (before& after pictures), weekly body fat % measurements and one to one weekly progress support meetings. Tim's skill set allows him to train clients from all different fitness backgrounds and levels, ranging from post pregnancy, lack of motivation and direction and people who are looking for weight loss or a lifestyle change. He offers full and ongoing support to all of his clients to help them achieve there goals and smash targets, he has many success story's and has helped people totally change there life's, This is what drives Tim to bring out the best in people time and time again.'My clients get great results and always feel I huge sense of achievement when completing one of my 30 day or 90 day transformation programs. We work hard look good and feel great. I am renowned for bringing a very high amount of enthusiasm, energy, motivation and passion to a workout. It is me you will hear on the gym floor motivating people to get results'Start your journey NOW!Contact me on any of the [email protected]