Vinny Williams


Vinny is a qualified Olympic lifting instructor, focusing on calisthenics and free weights. Unlike conventional weightlifters, Vinny has a background in dance and physical theatre, therefore mobility is of utmost importance. A ‘Train with Vinny’ program is unique, in that it allows clients to achieve body transformation goals whilst building strength and increasing mobility of the joints. His programs guarantee that with the combination of a tailored nutrition plan, and a personalised training program developed by an experienced coach, you will not only surpass your aesthetic goals, but also find new exciting ones. Vinny has a wealth of knowledge and experience that ensures a very acute understanding of healthy living. He believes that a healthy lifestyle is full of exciting prospects in the way you can use your body, the way you can push yourself beyond your perceived limits – a healthy lifestyle is the zing and positivity that comes from feeling connected to, and proud of your body.