Zeyno Altin


Looking for a new challenge? Struggling to diversify your training and push yourself to the limits? Or are you seeking weight loss, a reduction in body fat, as well as building tone through functional training? My experience will give you the push you need.As a personal trainer my interests are developing the best version of yourself, allowing me to unlock your potential with qualifications in weight management, strength and conditioning there is always tailored and measurable approach to achieving your goals.My strengths lay in tone development and muscle growth as well as Body fat reduction and nutrition. Developing a better control over your own body, whatever your personal goal I will push you to exceed your limits and push the boundary through carful and considered planning.Posture analysis and correction through back care, core stability and development is something I have a acute set of skill in developing within yourself.Now is the time, and I’m here to help you get there.

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