A Concrete Jungle: Meet Youth Club!

A Concrete Jungle: Meet Youth Club!

The countdown to Gymbox Presents... A Concrete Jungle has begun! June 12th will soon be upon us! To get us in the mood, we want to introduce you to one of the live bands, Youth Club. Amy Strode meets them.

For those who've been living under a rock for the past few months, how would you describe your sound?

We would describe our sound as alternative pop music, but we have so many influences that contribute to the way we produce our tracks. It's hard to pin down a description of what we do, but there's certainly R&B and dance music rolled up with the indie guitars.

Why the name Youth Club?

Youth Club is an idea of culminating all of our musical influences from growing up. We try to create something that brings a feeling a nostalgia and happiness whilst also getting people dancing. As long as the music is good you can be forever young.

You must be pretty tired after all the gigs recently! What's your key to keeping up the energy?

We've learnt to conserve our energy when we're on the road. We have so much fun, which keeps us going, but it certainly takes its toll. Lots of water and Red Bull backstage always helps.

Standard question number one: who are your main influences musically?

Our main influences would be Phoenix and Michael Jackson.

Good mix! Standard question number two: What's been the highlight for the band so far?

I would say our highlight was playing at BBC's Radio 1's big weekend in May this year.

What's guaranteed to bring out your inner party animals?

Good music! What more do you need?

We love a good dance here at Gymbox and noticed your single, "She's A Dancer", but the real question is are you? Who is most likely to pull some serious shapes at Concrete Jungle?

Gerry would be the most likely to bust out impromptu dance moves! But we all move around a lot on stage.

What are your spirit animals?

Danny is the ferret for sure! Rees is the elephant of the band. Gerry a wild cat of some kind, he likes to chill in the sun a lot. Joe is a bat. He's always locked away in his music bat cave.

What's the weirdest gig you've ever played (except this one)?

It was at the Thurrock creative arts awards ceremony. We had a sit down meal beforehand, and had most of our amps mic'd behind the stage to keep things looking slick. When we came out and played, half of the people were still sitting round their tables, which made it slightly strange. But we still had a blast.

What can we expect to see from you on June 12th?

Lots of energy and up beat-pop songs, which we expect you to all sing along and dance to.