Advance your training for a new you

Advance your training for a new you

Advance your training and create a better you!

Training can sometimes be hard when you don’t know exactly what you are doing, or even supposed to be doing.

When I first started training and going to the gym, I always had the feeling that I didn’t know what I was doing or what exercise and muscles I wanted to focus on. As a result of that I found myself jumping from machine to machine, thinking that it was the best way to get results.

I was training to gain weight but at the time I was consistently spending time on cardiovascular machines, if only I knew better!

When I see people in the gym floor, who seem a bit lost its only right that I sympathise with them and try to help. As training on your own can be difficult.

When I see a member training with a personal trainer, and the training is not helpful or relevant to the person’s goals, it’s difficult to step in and say anything. If the person you trust lose weight, gain muscle, tone or whatever your goal is, can’t help you, and is giving you the wrong training, then you’re pretty much in trouble.

What I’ve noticed in the gym is that is not easy when it comes to cardio training, and trying to lose weight/body fat, not to mention that is hard work too. Even some personal trainers struggle when working with their clients , too many personal trainers are good at hitting the weights room and getting their clients to lift weights, even when those clients goals is to lose weight. I understand that they MIGHT tone up a bit, but not lose weight.

I often see people doing squats compound lifting, along with other weight exercising when they look like they should be doing intense cardio.

Most of them I saw were with a PT, this shows the importance needed to working with a specific trainer towards your goals, and I understand that maybe some people may not to lose weight, or it’s not their focus when it comes to training.

However, your personal trainer is there to guide and establish a programme that benefits your long term goals.

I have always been a believer in approaching training from all different angles. With a muay thai and boxing background and as professional fighter I’ve learned to do so.

Fighting training is very specific and design to all the right weapons in preparation for a fight, hitting the right muscles, building power, good movement a solid cardio.

I always promote what I believe works well for all my clients, as well as what works for me. It goes well with everyone men and women, TRAIN LIKE A FIGHTER AND LOOK LIKE ONE, but you don’t need to get in the ring (unless you wish to).

My training includes the following….



Muscle building



Toning up

And most important, confidence building.

As the summer holidays approach, that means less clothes and more skin. So what better time to lose some body fat, tone up a bit more and raise up those gains?

Step up into a new challenge.

New type of training and set new goals for yourself.

There’s no time like the present, start the new healthier you today.

With nutrition advice and a food diary to enhance your training program.

You could feel confident and love the new you within 90 days.

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