Animal: Buti Yoga review

Animal: Buti Yoga review

As a special treat for our team of bloggers and fitness writing pals, we put on a special Buti Yoga session at Gymbox Westfield Stratford City. Georgina Spenceley, of Fitcetera, donned the day glo paint, and found out what all the fuss is about.

Don't Underestimate It – Buti Yoga

When I think of yoga I think of a gentle series of stretches and postures, connected through flowing movement, and perhaps some more challenging strength based poses like the warrior poses, crow and headstands. So when I was invited to do a trial class of Buti Yoga as part of a bloggers' event, I was expecting to leave feeling relaxed and ready for bed, not dripping with sweat and ready to twerk!

What is Buti Yoga?

Buti (pronounced boo-tie) yoga, in case you don't know, is a combination of traditional yoga sequences mixed with tribal dance and plyometrics to deliver a high-intensity workout that leaves you energised, invigorated and, best of all, smiling. In keeping with the tribal feel, the class also comes with the opportunity to decorate yourself in paint… UV reactive paint!

Before the class we donned our war paint, which we swirled and dotted all over our faces, chests and arms. I had chosen to wear shorts to make the most of the glow, so had stripes of green, orange and yellow on my thighs. Feeling ready to flow we got our mats out and the class started.

The Spiral Structure Technique

Our instructor, Sara, taught us the basic principle of the Spiral Structure technique, a term which Buti Yoga creator Bizzie Gold coined in creating the class. The technique breaks down the core muscles into complimentary pairs, e.g. the deep muscles at the front of the stomach are paired with superficial muscles in your back, and vice versa. By circling and popping the hips, you engage these muscles, effectively working your entire core area. Harder than it sounds when you're circling your hips in downward dog!

The addition of plyometrics (e.g. small jumps and hops) and the hip circling and popping to usually-static yoga poses brought an extra element of coordination, balance and focus to the class. I was soon sweating and my legs and butt screaming as we powered through adapted postures.

Let Go and Yoga-Twerk

Not a natural at letting go and dancing in a room full of people, I felt slightly self-conscious as we started yoga-twerking (I'll thank my fellow bloggers for that awesome phrase!). But, with all of us crawling and jumping across our mats and thrusting our hips to all corners of the room, the energy and fun soon took over and I grinned my way through hip circles and arm reaches. Inhibitions? Gone!

The class finished with a series of additional core exercises, doing scissor kicks and v-sits to further challenge our stomach and back muscles.

Try Buti Yoga if…

You're looking for a class that will streamline your body, enhance flexibility, work your stomach, back and butt, and get you grinning from ear to ear. Not your ordinary yoga class, Buti Yoga was hard work in a very different way.

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Photos: Vesna Nikolic