Animal: Which gym animal are you?

Animal: Which gym animal are you?

Ever looked around the gym and spotted a lion, a bull or a peacock? Well, you're not the only ones. Georgina Spenceley of Fitcetera puts on her animal goggles and spots the beasts on the gym floor. Which one are you?

In any gym there is always a variety of different characters you'll meet. Some you'll get on with, some you'll find more annoying than a flight of stairs after leg day… most of whom you'll watch in fascination like animals in the wild. So here are nine different gym personalities as their animal alter-egos. Get your binoculars out and see who you can spot in this list.

The Bull

In the proverbial china shop. They charge in creating mayhem and destruction wherever they go. This gym animal never puts the dumbbells away, always knocks the chalk everywhere, and generally leaves things in a chaotic mess.

The Lion

A messy mane of blonde hair and muscles upon muscles, the lion is a thing of beauty. They will often be seen doing HIIT in order to get that hunter instinct under control. But they'll always have one eye on their surroundings, always in search of their next prey.

The Peacock

Wearing the brightest best fitness kit and always made up. Possibly even with false eyelashes that defy gravity (and sweat) by staying upright. Possibly flexin' for gym selfies and strutting around the gym more than working out.

The Chimpanzee

This gym animal is naturally good at everything. They swing from bar to bar on the rig like it's the easiest thing in the world. Though watch out, when they're in a bad mood they can be known to shout and bash their chests in anger.

The Gazelle

Spends an extraordinary amount of time running on the treadmill, bounding along with an unnatural elegance and grace. They're streamlined, sleek and fit, and often under constant watch by the lion.

The Chameleon

Sneaking in to do their workout in peace, the chameleon tries to blend in to the background so as not to draw attention to itself. Tending to stick to classes in another effort to keep themselves to themselves, they'll come in, train, shower and leave. All without being noticed.

The Wolves

Almost always in a pack, the wolves will come to the gym together. They support eachother on their quest for fitness, most often in spin to develop their endurance cardio for hunting. Though social within their pack, the wolves are territorial and will snap if you even dare to claim one of their bikes in the spinning room.

The Meerkat

One of the nosiest of animals you'll notice the meerkat sitting up to attention whenever there's a juicy bit of gossip to be heard. The social butterfly of the gym, they'll chat to anyone and spend their time learning all of the details about your crush on the hot PT and your embarrassing commando story, only to tell all to the next person.

The Sloth

They've come to the gym, that's effort enough isn't it? After the exhausting experience of getting changed and trying to fit everything in the locker they'll take a nice little relax with a sit down on the recumbent bike, or a chill out on the leg extension… let's just take that pin right out shall we?

Fitcetera is a health and fitness blog run by Georgina Spenceley, a full time business analyst, part time sports massage therapist and blogger. Running, CrossFit and Yoga are her weapons of choice, but she also enjoys trying new fitness concepts. She has a passion for stylish apparel, and sometimes geeks out with science and gadgets. Georgina believes in a balanced approach to nutrition – no fads, no elimination – just moderation and learning to give your body what it needs, when it needs it.