Boxing spotlight – meet Gymbox champ, Tony Milch

Boxing spotlight – meet Gymbox champ, Tony Milch

Our very own Gymbox champ, Tony Milch, teaches Gymboxing at our Holborn, Covent Garden and Victoria clubs, and is so far undefeated in his 12 professional boxing matches. We find out what training he undergoes to make him one of the UK's brightest boxing beacons.

Hi Tony. You recently competed in your 12th professional boxing contest on November 5th. How did it go?

I won a good tough fight against my opponent Ferenc Katona from Hungary. I knocked him out in round 4!

Congrats! Do you get nervous before a fight?

If you put in the work during training camp, there's no need to get nervous before a fight. The week before a fight is the hardest part, as full training and dieting is on. Fight night is time to relax and show all the hard work you have put in.

What is your training schedule leading up to a fight?

I train with Holborn Gymbox VPT James Long. I also train in Sutton with professional boxing coach Ian Burbedge. I train six days a week. Two strength and conditioning sessions with James Long, two boxing sessions with pads and bags. All sparring is done down in Sutton. I run alone, and get my own cardio workouts in at Gymbox. James is great as he keeps the sessions fun, pushes me hard, and always keeps humour in the sessions. He continues to mix up the workouts. Variety is key.

Do you have to make any sacrifices during this period?

I have to make light middle weight, 70kg. So diet needs to be in check. I also stay off alcohol 6-7 weeks before a fight. I don't miss going to clubs or pubs as I'm a professional athlete. And would rather be living my dream and be successful at it then be drowning my sorrows in a bar wondering what if...

How strict is your diet during training?

I don't indulge too much in sweet foods. I keep my protein intake high and limit carbs. But don't need to focus too much on restricting my diet as my training regime is full on, and I don't abuse my body.

You are yet to be defeated in these matches, how will you feel if you lose?

The great fighters have lost, it's about how you come back from defeat. I don't put too much hype on the '0' even though mine is still intact.

What does winning feel like?

I love competing, and winning feels great. Not just to myself but for the team around me also. And for all those supporting. Hard work pays off.

Does competing make you feel better as a person? If so, in what ways?

A challenge is a challenge. It's not about the outcome, it's about how you address it and deal with it as best as you can whilst it's happening. Boxing, or no boxing, we all have battles in life. They all make you stronger.

You teach Gymboxing. What is the most rewarding element of your job?

Seeing people improve, gain new skills and confidence at whatever level they are at. For me, this is the biggest buzz. I love what I do.

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