Break Sweat, Not Rules

Break Sweat, Not Rules

Gymbox is famous for running the best and most creative studio timetable in the country. Break sweat, and not rules, with our guide to categories and how to negotiate the bookings system with ease

Class Categories

Sweat Drench

Our cardio and conditioning classes are about building strength and endurance. You'll recognise the symptoms: muscle burn, grimacing, repeatedly asking, "Why am I here?" Often referred to as "sweat drench" for short.

Look Better Naked

The series of conditioning classes dedicated to tightening and toning every part of your body. You've probably already spotted the clue in the category name: Look Better Naked.

Holistic Retreat

The opportunity to exercise the mind as well as the body, choosing from our range of pilates, yoga, stretch, flexibility and balance classes.

School of Dance

Any of the classes choreographed by our company of professional dancers will teach you to move and sweat in time to an eclectic range of dance styles.

Functional Training

Our signature category, Functional Training, is the alternative to traditional gym training. Especially designed frame areas improve strength and mobility in workouts that cater for every fitness level. From 0-brutal in 45 minutes.

Cycle Club

Whether it's power or beats, the Gymbox Cycle Club has the studios, the classes, the bikes and the stats for anyone ready to put their pedal to the metal (or the studio floor).

Combat Sports

Is it about your next fight or about getting fighting fit? That's your business. Ours is about teaching four different combat disciplines when you step into one of our Olympic-sized boxing rings, our cages or dojos.

How To Book

To book a place on your favourite class we operate both an online and a telephone booking system.

* Members can book online from 7am the previous day, or call from 9am each morning to book into a class for that current day.

* The booking system will not allow a member to book onto classes that overlap each other.

* Please note that to ensure full attendance, we operate a 'two strikes' booking system, whereby two no-shows in any monthly period will result in a two week booking ban. Please always ensure you cancel your class booking in advance if you are no longer able to attend.

Registering for the first time?

Visit the members section on the website where you will be required to verify your details. Members Area.

Difficult registering?

* Your email, postcode, mobile number and date of birth must match the ones provided at sign up.

* You will need your member number in order to register. This can be found on your membership card or by calling your home club. Club Contact Details.

* If you have any further issues please ask at the reception desk or call the club to assist you. Club Contacts

Tips and tricks to get you into your favourite classes.

* Booking opens from 7am the day before the class the easiest way to book is our mobile-ready site.

* Always check back into the booking system on the day of the class – though our classes fill in seconds, spaces regularly open up on the day of the class.

* Always bring your kit! Drop out is highest in the two hours before a class starts and you can still make the cut with a little dedication.