Breaking Badass: Become a better, badder you

Breaking Badass: Become a better, badder you

Want a fresh start? Keen to set yourself new goals? The the School of Life might be for you. By Jen Slater.

The beginning of a new year. There's no better time to introduce new habits, gain extra skills and refocus your efforts to becoming a badder, better you.

Start with a resolution. Naturally, you set a goal and take the steps needed to achieve it. Et voilà, a new you! This will be challenging but stick with it and next year, you'll be spotting someone you're incredibly proud of each time you walk past a mirror.

But what if you don't quite know how the new you should act or think or look. You're destined for greater things but aren't quite sure what that might be, or even where to start. Everyone's declared their new year's resolutions but you're feeling a little lost. Yes, you want to be better, of course, but how?

You need help with focus and guidance?

Look no further than The School of Life. The wonderfully thought-provoking and inspiring institution, devoted to "developing emotional intelligence", runs regular classes, talks and courses to open the mind and help its students live more fulfilling lives. This month, the school is holding a special event, where five brilliant thinkers - Daniel Levitin, Polly Morland, Chris Baréz-Brown, Matt Parker ad Paul Dolan - will offer you their resolutions. From taking more risks in life and being more creative within the work-place, through to being happier and looking at life through new eyes.

Of course, it's notoriously easy to stray from your new year promises, but this event will also equip you with the tools you need to stick with whichever resolutions you choose. There will be new ideas and exercises that will help you keep on track, besides the inevitable determination that comes from attending such inspiring talks.

Each participant is set to leave knowing a little more clearly who they want to be, and how they will become this person. And, as believers of enjoying enjoying a balanced life, whatever destination you choose, The School of Life will ensure you have fun in the process.

The TSOL Live: New Year's Resolutions evening is on Thursday 29th January and can be booked here.