Breaking Badass: Bikes 'n' Beats with Andrew Julien

Breaking Badass: Bikes 'n' Beats with Andrew Julien

Looking for a spin class to rejuvenate your love for it again? Then look no further, as instructor Andrew Julien is at your service. We sent Ana Saffer into his Holborn class. But did she survive?

Thirty bikes are packed tightly together in Gymbox's very dark spin studio. Music is playing loudly and heart rates are high before we've even started.

And I seem to have missed the "neon" memo. The UV lights are causing the lady next to me's legs to shine so brightly, it's almost hard to set up my bike from the glare.

Bike & Beats spin is about to begin. The cycle class to get you a bad ass. It's the first one of the year, and everyone appears determined to burn off their turkey dinners.

Andrew, our exceedingly good looking (and well built) instructor, starts the class with Beyonce's 'Run The World'. I absolutely love this song. What a choice. It certainly gets me through the so-called "warm up" as I'm told to push my badass back, bring it up above my saddle, and then lean forward towards the handlebars in amazingly fast succession. We're not even three minutes in and I've broken a sweat. I'm regretting those last few champagnes at my friend's wedding last night. Andrew is still wearing his sweater. I grit my teeth and push on.

The rest of the class is a whirlwind of emotion and hip hop moves. Yep, hip hop moves. Andrew gets our arms pushing on the handlebars to the beat and, for about four tracks, I genuinely think I'm Dr Dre. If the burn in my thighs and glutes weren't enough, now my arms are getting it too. We do repeated standard presses, down and up, and then the Triangle (my new favourite move) where you bend your elbows and move your body left, then right and then back to the middle. As tough as the arm/leg combo is becoming, it's definitely helping the time fly by.

I leave the room sweating like I'm leaving a sauna, legs wobbling like Bambi, but with a big grin on my face. Andrew gives me a high five. I wanna go again.

Gymbox's spin class isn't for the faint hearted, but I would encourage anyone, at any fitness level, to try it.

Go on, get yourself a bad ass for the new year with Bike & Beats.