Breaking Badass: Meet illustrator, Dom & Ink

Breaking Badass: Meet illustrator, Dom & Ink

In the celebration of all thing Badass this month, we thought it only right that we introduce the forward-thinking Mancunian Dominic Evans, the artistic brains behind the dynamic illustrations of Dom & Ink, whose new book, Map My Style is out next month. "It's all about reminding yourself how awesome you are and how great your bum looks in THAT dress" he says. How could we resist. We meet him. Interview: Elle Linton.

Your tagline is 'a dude who likes to doodle'. Tell us about your journey as an artist so far.

I've always loved comic books since a really early age. I think that was my main starting point. I then discovered fashion illustration at college and it was like a whole new world of sequins, long legs and mega weave for me! I then decided to take a degree at Manchester Met in illustration as while I loved fashion I also wanted to develop work that could be used alongside a narrative too. So basically between people in spandex and Jason Brooks' fashion work that got me off to a big start.

What's a typical day-in-the-life of Dom & Ink?

So hectic! But I love it! I stir from my Sleeping Beauty like slumber around 7am and then I'll either a) go for a run b) think about going for a run or c) neck a coffee. Then I shower and change into 'proper' clothes. I mean 'proper' as in something I'd wear out that day, not my X-Men long johns, or some crappy old t-shirt to dos about in, 'proper' clothes. In a weird way this helps get my brain into gear for working mode. I then sit in my study, recoil in horror at how many emails and deadlines I have, and then turn on some awful mid 2000's chart pop and draw the shit out of something till around 11pm. Then it's bedtime with my super hot boyfriend, Netflix. I also work a part time job in retail so most days when I get home from work I'll go straight to the study and *clicks fingers* WERK!

You put on a live drawing event for bloggers which sounded really fast paced. How active is your lifestyle?

It's quite active to be honest, but really varied! I like how illustration can be incorporated into different events in different ways. For example, I've done live illustration before at fashion events, but then also been at fashion shows where I've had a 'doodle wall' where punters come along, colour in some Dom&Ink doodles and then take them home. I'm all about the free stuff! Then there are quiet days where it's basically me bitching at Adobe Photoshop all day and screaming profanities.

The design of our gyms are inspired by their unique locations. What's the most unique thing or person that you have drawn?

Most recently I had a personal commission to draw someone fighting off Velociraptors alongside Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That was super fun and of course, the old Buffy soundtrack got hammered.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

In really random places. I have a huge bookshelf that is full of old comics, vintage books, dusty books from charity shops and old postcards. Every time my brain stalls and I'm stuck on a brief (which happens at least 9 times a day) I head to my book shelf, take ten minutes out with a brew and then BOOM I'll have an idea. I always find I struggle with colours and composition in some illustrations, and I have this huge book on old illustrated club flyers from the 1990s. For some reason this book always has some sort of creative solution for me!

What's in store for you in 2015?

Aside from world DOMination. Yep, I just went there with the word pun. I have my second book Map My Style coming out next month, which is a 144 page interactive illustrated journal on womenswear and fashion. It's all about reminding yourself how awesome you are and how great your bum looks in that dress. There's tons of illustrations in it too, and loads of interactive activities to make you chuckle on a rainy day, so it's a perfect gift for Valentines Day! Also my first book Map My Heart which is an illustrated, interactive 144 page journal on dating, break ups and relationships is coming out in the USA which is soooooo cool. Career-wise I really want to develop my work more, get an agent and maybe produce some more illustrated tees as I loved doing that. I also want to get myself back to London, get a hot body like Tom Daley (with the help of Gymbox), write a full on comic book and submit book proposals for three other books I'm thinking about launching. Oh and launch the blog for Map My which I'm going to do to sit alongside the book with updates on new trends, collections and generally fierce stuff.

If you ran the world, what's the first thing you would do?

I would give everyone a pay rise and make it a law that every single person across the world has to pay a random stranger a nice compliment every day at least once. Then I would make sure the Millionaire Matchmaker an Real Housewives shows are on all day, every day and that each Friday everyone finishes work at midday, then we all head to the pub and have a right jolly knees up!

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