Breaking Badass: New Classes for 2015!

Breaking Badass: New Classes for 2015!

Forget dry January lets continue to rock out with some badass classes to kick off the New Year. We fuse tribal dance and yoga to create Buti Yoga, help you improve muscular endurance and explosive power with Frame Bandits and encourage you to shake what your momma gave you - Nae Nae style!


A choreographed dance class incorporating the Nae Nae a dance move originating from the cool kids of Atlanta. A hot and sweaty cardio dance class.

Bank - Tuesday 6:15pm / Covent Garden - Monday 6:15pm / Farringdon - Wednesday 6:30pm / Holborn - Tuesday 6:45pm / Westfield London - Thursday 6:15pm


A movement practice that fuses power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a high-intensity workout that transforms the body, training the core using the Spiral Structure technique.

Bank - Tuesday 7pm / Covent Garden - Wednesday 7pm / Farringdon - Tuesday 12:15pm / Holborn - Thursday 6.45pm / Westfield London - Wednesday 6:15pm / Old Street - Friday 5.30pm


This is a whole body integrated HIIT class to help improve your muscular endurance, explosive power and core strength - using a variety of power resistance bands of different colours and sizes to cater for all strength levels.

Bank - Monday 7:30am / Farringdon - Tuesday 6:15pm / Old Street - Monday 1pm / Westfield London - Wednesday 7:15pm


Work on your muscular strength and explosive power ready to hit the powder this winter. A class combining strength, flexibility, endurance and agility drills for skiers and boarders using a gyroboard which enables you to simulate moves used on the piste!

Farringdon - Thursday 6.30pm / Old Street - Wednesday 6:15pm


Professional (Pro) Wrestling is a form of performance art which combines athletics and theatrical performance. This class will teach you classical wrestling including striking attacks, strength based holds and throws, acrobatic manoeuvres and how to build your character.

Covent Garden - Thursday 7.30pm / Holborn - Thursday 6:00pm

For our full class schedule, check out out timetable right here.