Breaking Badass: Buti Yoga!

Breaking Badass: Buti Yoga!

Fluorescent lights beam through the dark, as luminous painted bodies gyrate to the pulsing music. No it's not a dodgy rave, this is Buti Yoga. Lucy Edwards got her glow on.

The energy is high, the bass is loud and the moves are seriously sexy.

Unlike any yoga class I've ever been to, this is Buti Glo - the newest addition to Gymbox, which will be launching in January 2015.

Buti Yoga (pronounced like 'booty') is the brainchild of Californian celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold. The lady herself was over in London to share her incredibly innovative hybrid of power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics.

Before masterclass started, we got creative with pots of UV body paint decorating our bodies with tribal markings, intricate patterns or just neon splodges.

The room lit solely by black light had a festival-like vibe as Bizzie's tribe led us into a hip rocking, booty popping routine. Rhythmic dance intervals, were seamlessly fused with traditional yoga asanas and intense core activation. Based around spiralling movements to develop power and strength though your hips, abs and lower back, Buti yoga is a serious workout for those neglected core muscles.

Bizzie is certainly the best advocate for her own workout, as her perfectly sculpted booty shimmied in double-time at the front of the class.

Halfway into the fast-paced 90 minute workout my heart was pumping and my clothes were drenched in sweat. This was not quite the gentle yoga class I had prepared myself for! The momentum was relentless with dynamic power movements - think mountain climbers, jumping jacks and burpees.

Bizzie designed this workout to help women embrace their femininity and build self confidence through body awareness. There was certainly a tangible feeling of togetherness in the room as we giggled, grinded and gyrated together as a twerkin' tribe.

This was, hands down, the most fun workout I've ever experienced - I defy anyone not to enjoy a a Buti Glo class. Leave your inhibitions at the door, expect booty shorts, bass and body popping!

Fancy a bit of Buti Yoga? Check out our new timetable right here.