Caffeine sports performance from TrueStart

Caffeine sports performance from TrueStart

Coffee for sports performance? You bet. Founder Helena Hills, the brains behind TrueStart, gives us the low down on this innovative new product. "Caffeine is probably the most well researched legal performance enhancer. It’s been shown to increase physical endurance by mobilising your fat stores and reducing your rate of perceived exertion. These benefits all mean you can push yourself harder for longer".

Hi Helena! Can you describe TrueStart in a sentence?

TrueStart is the only coffee in the world designed specifically for sports performance!

You say "train harder for longer". In what ways can drinking TrueStart improve performance?

Caffeine is probably the most well researched legal performance enhancer. It’s been shown to improve focus and mental performance, increase physical endurance by mobilising your fat stores and reducing your rate of perceived exertion. These benefits all mean you can push yourself harder for longer! You can learn more about the benefits here, and more about the science from Sports Nutritionist Hara here.

It sounds like the viagra of sports, is it good for bedroom sports also? (wink wink)

Haha! Funny you should say that, not the first time I’ve been asked. Amazingly enough, the answer is yes! Check out this article in The Telegraph.

How can coffee affect muscle recovery?

According to research by the American Physiological Society, post-exercise caffeine helps muscles refuel. Muscle’s primary fuel source is glycogen, which gets depleted during exercise. You need to replenish these carbs to make sure your muscles recover, and caffeine accelerates the rate at which your muscles absorb glycogen, so they recover faster.

What are the key benefits?

All the benefits can be summarised in one – TrueStart’s measured caffeine content helps you train harder for longer! The absolute key is having enough caffeine to benefit your training, without overdosing and experiencing adverse side effects. Everyone has a different tolerance to caffeine so it’s important that you find out what works for you, and the great thing with TrueStart is that you can stick to it, while other coffee is pot luck. Start with one level scoop and go from there.

When should one drink it? Pre or post training?

Drink it pre-training for the benefits during your workout, then post-training for muscle recovery (top tip: a scoop of TrueStart in your protein shake tastes awesome – you don’t need hot water).

How is this product different to other performance drinks?

Controlled natural caffeine, completely clean coffee with no sugar and no nonsense. Other performance drinks either contain synthetic caffeine which often comes hand in hand with sugar and other ingredients you might not want to put in your body, and natural alternatives tend to have unpredictable caffeine levels.

What exactly are the synthetics in other drinks?

Anything artificial that has been created – or synthesised – in a lab. Energy drinks traditionally contain synthetic caffeine which gets into your bloodstream quicker than natural caffeine and can cause that energy spike then crash. You’ll often find other synthetic ingredients in traditional energy drinks too – like taurine.

Should one be careful about how much to consume? Is it safe?

You should be careful because like everything, you can have too much of a good thing. We’re all familiar with the jittery side-effects of too much caffeine! Half the value of TrueStart is in having enough caffeine to benefit your training, the other half is making sure you don’t have too much. The European Food Safety Authority have confirmed that 400mg per day is definitely safe for adults. Just like alcohol, everyone has a different tolerance so find out what yours is then stick to it! The beauty of TrueStart is that you can track and customise your intake.

How can drinking TrueStart impact on mental performance? Is it not just effective for physical exertion?

Due to its size and solubility, caffeine can easily move across all cell membranes and cross the blood-brain barrier, gaining direct access to the brain cells. From there it can affect basic hormones that impact our perception of tiredness and fatigue, our focus and alertness and the way we recognise pain. All associated with mental performance, and all definitely help with the physical side of things too!

What inspired you to develop this product?

My husband Simon and I came up with the idea a couple of years ago whilst training for an IronMan 70.3. We were having coffee every day before training for the natural caffeine hit, but I’m quite sensitive to caffeine and I was noticing a big difference in how I felt from one day to the next day. Simon suggested it might be the coffee, so we looked into it – how much caffeine was optimal for sport, the effects of too little/too much and how much caffeine is actually in coffee. That’s when we found out that the caffeine levels in coffee vary unpredictably, even if you stick to the same brand. That might be fine in a café, but useless if you’re relying on the caffeine for training! We realised we weren’t the only people with the problem and the rest is history.

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