Class review – 1Rep Max!

Class review – 1Rep Max!

Elan James decided to take on 1Rep Max, which is a class that works on the ultimate test of strength. Yep, that's right, it's about the maximum amount of weight you can lift on a given exercise for one rep. This class will focus on three exercises – the squat, deadlift and shoulder press. These will work on technique, movement quality, and will build you up to your 1RM. "You have an expert you can trust to guide you in the right direction" he says.

This time I decided to take on the 1Rep Max class. This is a class that focuses on the biggest and baddest brute force exercises, the class that separates the #girlsthatlift from the #womenthatlift, and the #hunks from the #hulks. The average Joe at the gym will either avoid these exercises like the plague, or live and die by them, like the plague...

However, the potential issue with these heavy compound movements is that without proper preparation and technique, an amateur will be on the slippery slope to an injury that might be with them for some time. That’s where Gymbox comes in, this class is a welcome breath of fresh air, it really is a class! We spent time working with lighter weights to really get a proper hold of good, solid form. Gyms are busy places, and craning your neck around the person in front of you for a glance in the mirror during your lift usually means your spine will be out of alignment as you do so (never helpful for a big lift). By having an instructor to hand, you're able to feel the movement in your body while you get feedback from an expert you can trust to guide you in the right direction.

Each class is split over four weeks focussing on one specific lift at a time, I attended week one of the deadlift course. Even as a personal trainer I was able to pick up a few good tips and some new warm up exercises that activate the secondary muscles involved that are often overlooked during deadlift prep.

I wanted to focus on my form more than anything so I didn’t go for my own 1rep max during class one, nevertheless, the next day, it turns out my legs hadn’t got the memo. Sore muscles told me they had been working damn hard for that 45 minutes. I always tell my clients: ‘Form comes first’ and it rang true with this class. The workout is so much more beneficial when you learn to consciously target the muscles you want to train, instead of compensating with bad form as you try to lift weights that you’re just not ready for.

Get down to Gymbox, get your form tight, and get them weights up! You’ll be thankful that you did!