Class review: Bartendaz with Jasmine Lake

Class review: Bartendaz with Jasmine Lake

In the gym, there are a few exercises which people really want to nail. Some, which when done right, look amazing. A real test of strength, control and a whole lot of training.

The pull up is one of those exercises. You’ve seen the guys and girls in the gym, nailing 5, 6, 7 or even the hallowed 10 in a row. Some even load on the weight belt and will pull up with 10, 20 or even 30kgs extra. It looks impressive, but the key to getting there begins with just that one pull up, that one excellently executed body weight exercise.

If this is what you want, then you need to get yourself to a bar and start learning how to pull a few. Only one bar of course, and it’s not the beer swigging kind. It’s a class called Bartendaz, designed to get you dipping, pulling and swinging on rings, bars and pushing out rounds of push-ups and jumping lunges.

Led by the small terror that is Jasmine Lake, Bartendaz began with rounds of pull ups on the bar, alternating between partners. We began with one rep of pulling up, holding for five seconds at the top of the lift, five seconds midway and then five seconds at the bottom of the rep. Then, one full pull up rep, before dropping down. Next round would be two reps, then three and then all the way up to nine. That’s just the first exercise.

After that, it’s rounds of push ups, jump squats and an abdominal exercise and then again, another round of a push up variation, lunges and abs. Yes, your muscles will burn and my word, yes, you’ll ache the next day. And three days after. Don’t worry if you’re not strong on the upper body; Jasmine encourages you to use the fitness bands to support your weight and to help you build strength.

There’s simply no place to hide from Jasmine, who watches like a hawk for half-reps, incomplete rounds or not supporting and encouraging your partner. She makes the class engaging and challenging and brought with her a lot of class regulars, who not only enjoyed being pushed hard, they clearly saw the benefits.

Bartendaz is a hard circuit that’ll push your strength and body control to the max. It’s a fun confidence booster to those of you who might not be quite able to do that one pull up. At the same time, if you’re confident on the bar but you just want a focussed session to drive you through a good fat burning cardio session, then Bartendaz is for you.

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