Class review – Cocoon!

Class review – Cocoon!

Fitness blogger Mollie Millington wanted to take on a new challenge, so we sent her into Cocoon, a class specifically designed for chilling out. Cocoon is broken down into sections incorporating stretches using the aerial kit to massage and aid the release of lactic acid, guided meditation, and a section to enable you to relax in the cocoon of our aerial hammocks. What's not to love?

One of the things I love about Gymbox is how they always have new (and different) types of group exercise classes. With the latest bunch of new classes, I was looking for something to compliment and balance my marathon training – something gentle and stretchy. Cocoon instantly appealed to me as I'd never tried a class with aerial silks before, and I needed time to unplug and just breathe.

When I showed up to class, I let the teacher, Jessica, know I had never used these type of silks before, and was a bit nervous of falling on my head. She assured me we weren't going to do anything difficult, to my great relief. I chose a mat in the back as the class was already half full. Jessica was walking around the class giving corrections and answering questions, it was reassuring that I could reach out to her if I needed further assistance.

The class was simple, and focused more on breathing and meditation than acrobatic skills. It took me a few minutes to stop my mind from racing. My intention for the class focused on fuelling properly, and I envisioned healthy foods and my hunger pangs subsiding. Marathon training requires a lot of fuel for all the exercise, and even more when you are tired!

This may sound crazy, but it was nice to not have to do anything for 45 minutes, and the stretching in the hammocks was great to release tension. I just sat still and thought about my breathing. Sure, we changed positions a few times, but it wasn't like yoga where you have to carefully listen to verbal instructions to figure out where to move your body. Instead, Jessica took us on a meditative journey, the idea being that we could reflect on our personal achievements in a peaceful atmosphere. In Cocoon, you can just be still. Jessica said sometimes people fall asleep in the class and that's OK. I felt super relaxed on my way home, and headed to bed after a quick dog walk, even though it was early.

I would recommend Cocoon to those who need to set time aside to relax (sounds silly but this is how the world works these days) or want an introduction to aerial silks (don't worry, they can hold your weight). I would suggest wearing layers as the room is kept room temperature, and you won't be working up a sweat physically, just meditatively. It's great class for just chilling out.