Class Review – Commercial Dance

Class Review – Commercial Dance

We love to hear what our members think of our classes, so this week we sent Craig Jenner into Commercial Dance. But how did he get on?

Gymbox asked me to review their Commercial Dance class, but at first I didn't really know what to expect! Commercial Dance? Coming from professional dance and musical theatre myself, I had an idea, but I wasn't sure what a fitness dance class would entail.

So it's Thursday evening, my energy is running low, and I've just finished a Gymbox ballet class, which is somewhat different to what I was about to experience! Feeling a little nervous – but excited – I headed into the dimly UV lit studio at Gymbox Farringdon, and was ready to begin.

The Instructor, Carrie, began with a warm up containing some dance grooves and top rock steps to get our bodies loose, and to start to get a feel for the style. This was exactly what my body needed – some relaxation after being all pulled up and tense after a busy day.

As usual the Gymbox playlist was pumping, getting those energy levels up, while we learned some grooves, which we later incorporated into a routine.

We started to piece together a few counts of eight, adding them on top of each other. When everyone felt competent with the steps doing the routine at different speeds – and to a large variety of songs, from slow to fast – we were able to build up the routine as we gained in confidence.

There was a great intimate feel to the class, which was really nice. Carrie connected with everyone to check that we were all keeping up with the moves she was throwing at us! Everyone managed to pick up the steps no matter what level, even if they'd never tried a dance class like this before. Naturally it was mostly dance-based, and precisely what you'd expect from a commercial dance class - but there were a few cheeky squat-type moves thrown into the routine, to make sure you'd definitely get that workout!

After learning the routine, around five counts of eight, we practiced a few times before being split into two groups to perform to each other, which was really fun. Then we tried a few things to test our memory skills, such as performing facing away from the mirrors, and then facing each other, which was definitely a challenge!

Commercial Dance is a fun, high energy class with all the latest tunes, which will help you pick up skills which could be very useful in a variety of life situations (such as showing off when you're in a club!), and more importantly is a fantastic way to spice up your training schedule with something a bit different from that usual Zumba class!

Try it. You'd be surprised how much you'll pick up the moves, and you'll even gain a new skill while doing so! Plus it's a good laugh. With the dim UV light there is no shame in going wrong, and everyone is really supportive. It also hides all that sweat!

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