Class review: Drill Sergeant

Class review: Drill Sergeant

Attention Gymboxers. The drill sergeant has arrived, and it’s time for you to stand-too, get on the fitness parade and prepare for 45 minutes of intense, military style circuits with Sergeant Ryan Lucey, based in Stratford Forward Operating Base.

As a retired Army Officer, I’ve done my fair share of circuits. And when it comes to simple but effective training, there’s nothing better than circuit training. You don’t need much kit, only you and someone to shout directions at you.

Under the direction of Ryan, we were taken through a series of exercises ranging from kettlebell swings, press ups, goblet squats and body weight lunges, 45 seconds on and 15 seconds’ rest in-between each exercise. This went around for three rotations, and then onto the next group of exercises. Ryan took us through 3 - 4 groups of exercises, each one getting tougher and tougher as the legs, arms and abs slowly began to burn.

Of course, the drill sergeant isn’t going to let you have it easy and the rounds were relentless. Each group of exercises came with an ‘extra tough’ option that wasn’t really much of an option. It was, essentially (certainly for me!), mandated. After all it is drill sergeant; what do you think this is, a democracy?

Finally, the best classes are led by the best instructors, and Ryan’s steely eyed gaze doesn’t let you get away with any half-reps, dodgy rounds or lazy exercises. His background as a dancer means that body movement in the exercise is something he is very focussed on, meaning that while you might not be able to squeeze out the same number of reps you normally would, because you’re doing them properly you’re getting better results.

Drill sergeant is a simple and effective circuit. For all of Ryan’s drill sergeant persona, his focus is always on making every class fun. So step it up soldier; drill is starting in 10 minutes and you need to get on parade.

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