Class review – MetCon

Class review – MetCon

Our Metcon class is a metabolic conditioning workout – a fast paced, high intensity session completed in a short period of time. It will challenge your cardiovascular capacity, put your metabolism into overdrive, and rapidly burn fat. We sent in Sophie Kay of Fitology to test her endurance. Did she walk in and crawl out?

Lunchtimes for me used to be a frantic run through all of my social media and any other life admin that had to be done that day whilst cramming a salad into my mouth. It meant that when I started work again for the afternoon I hadn’t moved from my desk and I hadn’t had any time away from my screen.

Since I started working out at lunchtime my afternoons are much more productive and the new Metcon class is a perfect antidote to that midday slump.

This class has emerged from joining two classes (HIIT IT and Saved By The Bell) and focuses on short, fast-paced, high-intensity workouts that send your heart rate shooting up and the sweat dripping.

We started with a warm up that immediately got everyone working hard before we jumped straight into 2 rounds of 4 x 30 second moves, each repeated 3 times. The first had us doing as many reps as possible of: squat jumps, kettlebell swings and kettlebell cleans on each side with no rest until after each round.

At the end of that first round there were a few looks being passed round the room as we realised we still had quite a few rounds left to go. Matt, the instructor kept us going by giving us technique tips to be thinking about and encouraging us to push that little bit harder. The second round had us crunching through burpees, jump lunges, bear crawls and press ups which just about finished me off.

We then had a much needed cool down and thorough stretch meaning that I walked out feeling like I’d worked hard, relaxed and refreshed my brain ready for the afternoon.

The best things about this class is that it’s a 30 minute whirlwind of a workout that targets your whole body and keeps your heart rate jumping up and down for optimum fat and calorie burning. Not only will it keep you lean but you’ll definitely build strength as you pick heavier and heavier kettlebells each time you go.

As Gymbox says, walk in and crawl out. You’ll love it.