Class review – Ripped & Stripped!

Class review – Ripped & Stripped!

Always wanted to try Ripped & Stripped? We sent in Sophie Kay of Fitology to find out what it's all about. "I was pushed to failure on some of the sets, which shows how hardcore it is!" she says.

When Gymbox asked me to review their Ripped and Stripped lunchtime class at Old Street, I thought "great, I want to be ripped and stripped!" Strictly in a muscle/body composition sense of course…

So along I went on a Tuesday lunchtime to Gymbox Old Street. I was a little bit nervous because I hadn’t been to a busy class like this for some time. Oh and earlier on in the day I’d beasted myself with a body weights session. In hindsight, that probably wasn’t the best prep for this class.

The vibe was hustling when I got into the studio as everyone hurried around grabbing bars, weights, steps, dumbbells and kettlebells. I followed suit and guessed the kind of weights that I’d need. I ended up getting most of them right, but totally overestimated my poor biceps. I need smaller weights for them next time! I think that the more you do this class the more you’ll get out of it because you can build on your weights week to week, and see clear and quick progress.

The warm-up was dynamic and got us sweaty quickly to an absolutely banging soundtrack that had me singing along when I had the breath, that is... Then we started, with three supersets of three exercises that we repeated three times. There is non-stop movement in the class.

It’s a whole body approach with moves such as deadlifts, tricep presses, lunges, chest presses and bicep curls thrown in there. Each exercise is done through the full range of motion, with some added half-ranges, and the tempo is changed on each round. By training different ranges and tempos the muscles are really forced to adapt and grow meaning that the 45-minute class is highly effective.

I was dripping with sweat rather quickly from the intensity of the lifting (think around 90 seconds on each exercise, these are long sets!) and the non-stop movement, which is my idea of a great class. I was even pushed to failure on some of the sets, which shows how hardcore it is, this isn’t just a class for girls, boys get involved too.

All too quickly it was over with a full-body stretch and the equipment was put away as quickly as it had been taken out and the studio emptied. This class is ideal to complement your existing training, it gives you an affective cardio/strength blast. I promise you’ll leave with a smile on your face, sweaty hair sticking to your neck and aching muscles. What could be better?

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