Class review – Saved By The Bell

Class review – Saved By The Bell

Beki Cadd of blog Miss Wheezy was looking for a class to shake up her training schedule, so we challenged her to a lunchtime Saved By The Bell session at Gymbox Old Street. "It's an intense sweat session that left my arms aching and legs shaking. Who’d have thought a kettle bell could produce such big results!" she says.

With only a short amount of time to spare in a day, I’m a big fan of lunchtime classes that include high intensity short bursts of movement.

Saved by the Bell is a 30 minute kettle bell and HIIT class. The instructor at Gymbox Old Street encouraged us all not to underestimate our strength, and to go for a heavier kettle bell than we might not have originally opted for. After a brief warm-up we got straight into it, with the first of three sets of moves.

The first set

Every minute on the minute for eight minutes was eight kettle bell swings and eight burpees. I don’t know anyone who loves burpees, but boy they're good for getting your heart rate up! Our instructor gave us plenty of guidance on the correct form. He gave us corrections and encouragement while I swung my 12kgs and powered through – sweaty and red-faced.

The second set

Another EMOM for eight minutes – this time 12 air squats and 12 push press, six on each side. The class really is a full body workout, challenging both legs and arms. I was determined to give it my all! I always find that if I only have 20-30 minutes for a workout I tend to push myself harder. If you're going to sacrifice your lunch hour you may as well make it worth it!

The final set

To keep us motivated right down to the final second of the class, we worked in partners for the last set. This set comprised of alternating 30 seconds of weighted goblet squats, with 30 seconds of box jumps. It was great to be able to offer a smile of encouragement to my partner when we swapped over. If you came along with a friend, this would be a fun way to generate some competition. See how many squats you could each do and have a go at beating their number!

And that was it. My 30 minutes were done. I staggered into the changing rooms, sweating profusely, and had to gulp down a gallon of water. I would also make a point of raising a hand at the start of the session if you’re a newbie or have any injuries, to get a little more one-to-one attention.

If you did Saved by the Bell every week, you would see some serious results, fast. It’s motivated me to add some more 'short bursts' of training into my routine to mix things up, and I will definitely be back!