Class review – Thigh High!

Class review – Thigh High!

Keep those lovely pins of yours in shape by checking out our Thigh High class, says Rebecca Bryant

Fast, fun and a fusion of lower body exercises with dance, Thigh High at Gymbox is a weekly class you'll want to make time for. Not only will you strengthen, tone and transform those wobbly bits, but you will smile all the way through, thanks to the musical choice packed full of Samba beats. Not convinced? Well, read on.

When you're looking for a new class, you want to find something that fulfils a brief. Whether that be strengthen your abs, lengthen your limbs or get your heart pumping, you have an idea in mind of what you want. After almost two months of not being able to exercise properly due to injury, the idea of strengthening my legs really appealed. And with a name like Thigh High, how could I resist? I headed to the Gymbox in Holborn to find out more.

As soon as I walked into the studio, I knew it would be a good class as there were plenty of regular punters who seemed to attend the 45-minute class religiously on a weekly basis. The energetic instructor Amanda (above) soon got the (party) class started with a high tempo warm-up of cardio steps, squats and basic moves. Not too difficult for someone completely new to follow, but certainly something to get the heart pumping.

Then once we were all sufficiently hot (and sweaty), she then took us through what we would be our workout for the next 35 minutes. Five stations of exercises to really get your legs working, such as squats with weights, lunges off a step, sliding mountain climbers, leg lifts using a band…Yes, it all sounds so simple on paper but actually doing it, well, that's a completely different matter. We only got a short break before starting the next exercise, so it really worked all those muscles which are so often ignored.

The class was powered by music that made you feel like you were on some Iberian island, or partying on the beaches of Rio – having an enthusiastic group of 'Thigh Highers' around you certainly pushed you to go harder. Amanda was very attentive, ensuring that you carried out the exercises correctly so you really worked those muscles, which for anyone starting a class is always good to know. That is probably one of several reasons you decide to attend a class, rather than workout by yourself in the first place.

The time passed really quickly, which I put down to the fast-paced nature of the exercises and the music. Then starting with a little Samba, which I loved, Amanda gradually took the tempo of the class down a notch or two. It was a lot of quick stepping and laughing at first moving onto a cool down routine of stretches to ensure we didn't seize up after all that lower limb work. Then that was it, game over unfortunately, until the next time.

I can definitely see how Thigh High isolates and works those lower muscles often neglected when you just do cardio. It's also a lot of fun. So if you're looking for a way to lengthen and strengthen your thighs with guaranteed laughs thrown, this explosive mix of Brazilian beats with exercise is definitely one to put on your list.

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