Class review – Trigger Happy

Class review – Trigger Happy

Jen Slater of Eclectic Cake wanted to try something to challenge her fitness schedule, so we suggested she try out Trigger Happy, an educational class which helps you get to know your bodily mechanics by working on those trigger points to release aches, pains and tightness. This is what happened.

No pain, no gain, so they say. Working out is all about beasting yourself, smashing those reps and hitting it hard. Except that it's not. The gains you make don't happen whilst you're grunting your way through your heaviest set, they happen when you give yourself the time to rest and recover, where your muscles heal stronger than ever before.

To aid that recovery, the creative noodles at Gymbox have devised a class that will give your hard worked body the love that it needs.

As the class name suggests, 'Trigger Happy' guides you to find those sore points that need some extra attention. You know, the spots that make your eyes well up as soon as they get poked. But like I said, it's not all about pain. The class will help you unlock some hidden mobility and breathe some space into your overworked body.

Taking cues from Pilates, we took to our mats to mentally scan our bodies, making note of how each little move made us feel. My analysis: creaking hips, hunched shoulders, niggled feet, tight calves and a back unfamiliar with sitting straight. In short, a mess and it was quite clear on my face.

We began with rolling each foot out on one of the self massage balls and I couldn't help but wince. Months of pounding them into the ground and shoving them into sweaty shoes had obviously taken its toll. This is what they needed. Putting my feet down, post-roll felt like bliss! I was sure I'd need bigger shoes after the ball had rubbed what felt like inches of space back into my feet.

As the class progressed, I continued to count the new found extra length in my body. Shoulders, back, hips... I would finally know what life is like above the height of the average 12-year-old.

Even our cheeks were given attention (mine, initially from giggling at the ridiculousness of rolling rubber balls around my face) from a massage. I guess this is where the deadlift teeth grit and sit-up chin strain tension is kept.

The parts the needed the most attention were difficult to find - out of sight, out of recovery mind, I suppose. And with such precise and tiny movements, it's hard to know if you're getting it exactly right but our instructor's descriptions of each crunch and pull and stretch and pang of resistance were so spot on, I felt she was narrating my own individual class experience and that she probably knew my body better than I did.

The new lanky me glided out of the studio vowing to look after my body and give it a good roll out after each and every future workout. Of course, like all things that are good for you, I predict this wishful habit will last but a week unsupervised. Thank my achey muscles for 'Trigger Happy'!

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