Class Review – Waack & Vogue!

Class Review – Waack & Vogue!

Always wondered what it was like to vogue, but never had a chance to try it out? Well now you can, at Gymbox class Waack & Vogue. We sent in Craig Jenner to get his moves on. "Waack & Vogue is an exciting high energy class, with a mixture of cardio and toning movements which will definitely leave you on a high!"

So this week I headed off to Waack & Vogue at Gymbox! 'Waacking' and 'voguing' are both styles of dance, 'waacking' involves arm movements to a beat, and 'voguing' is characterised by model-like poses, integrated with angular rigid arm, leg, and body movements. Both link nicely together. These two styles of dance took off in the 70's, and in this class are choreographed into a playlist with UV lights. I jumped at the chance to get stuck in!

Ever since I heard about the launch of the class I was tempted to give it a go – it's something slightly different to add to my workout routine. Also, knowing Jason Cameron who created the class, I knew that I wanted to try it. He's widely known in the dance industry for his dance skills!

I was excited about this class as soon as I entered the studio at Gymbox Farringdon. The lights were going, and the music was already pumping. Jason briefly gave us a little explanation of what we were going to be doing in the class, and touched upon the history of the Waack & Vogue style. The tunes were pumping with a bit of house, old school and disco, which gives the class a wicked atmosphere to be in.

The class comprises of easy to pick up sections, rather than a full-on routine, which you can use to help tone up while having fun using this style to dance to the tunes. But don't panic! We started to learn the basic waacking then voguing movements before speeding them up into a killer arm work out. I literally couldn't keep my arms up!

Jason didn't forget about those legs though. He made us incorporate our movements to strutting on our toes along with the tunes, which killed my calfs. He also made us do squat sit type moves which definitely make sure our glutes had been worked. So you're definitely toning up while learning a new skill. What's not to like?

Jason is a fantastic instructor, who injects life into his class, forever motivating you throughout, even when your arms are getting tired and you think of dropping them. He is there to keep you going! Jason personally gave each of us slight corrections to help pick up the short movement phrases, and helped with stretching. You get the most you possibly can out of the class.

Waack & Vogue is an exciting high energy class, with a mixture of cardio and toning movements which will definitely leave you on a high!

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