No Excuses: Are you ski fit?

No Excuses: Are you ski fit?

As the first ever Gymbox Snow Camp approaches this coming weekend, we asked Holborn manager Liz Barker how fit one has to be to take on the slopes at the spectacular Portes du Soleil.

We've all been there. It's usually mid afternoon on day two or three of the ski trip when your legs start to feel heavy, and you can't hold an edge at the speed you could yesterday. Your technique gets a bit sketchy, and the dreaded skier 'a-frame' and 'backseat' or snowboarder 'pencil legs' start to appear. Your friends have to stop to wait for you, and all you can think about is 'après ski'. Why is this happening? Is it because your boots don't fit right, or your skis are not quite right? It's neither! We're sorry to say, it's all you, you haven't trained properly.

How to train

What's your dry land ski training routine? If your answer primarily involves "pint-lifting" at your favourite aprés ski spot, you have your work cut out for you. However, it's never too early (or late... for you pint-lifters out there) to begin training for ski season. Just a little bit od hard work on your strength and conditioning before your trip can pay off and prevent all the above!

Ski fitness and training is key to improving your performance and skills on the slopes. It will help you ski longer and better! To get the most our of your ski trip it's worth spending time developing a ski fitness training plan. You can start by booking yourself into a Gymbox Powder Power class! 6:15pm Wednesday at Old St and 6:30pm Thursdays at Farringdon. And when you're training solo, try these five exercises to try in the gym: band walks /box squats/over head med ball throws/lateral box jumps/one leg deadlifts. Working on these will really pay dividends.

Ski fit

Skiing is an aerobic exercise for the body, but skiing also depends on quick, intense and coordinated moves, where anaerobic processes tend to kick in. The kinds of emergency control moves prevalent in almost all downhill skiing make this sport not only an aerobic exercise, but an anaerobic one as well. So you can enjoy a holiday where you come back fitter, and don't need to feel too guilty in indulging in the après ski. After all, that's one of the best bits.

Off season

Training off season is the best and most efficient way to getting and staying fit for skiing. Make sure you avoid injury and you improve your skiing by training all year round. Do this and you will smash those slopes and show off to your mates!

Keep eyes peeled for the Snow Camp review coming soon.