Dare: I Will Always Love Me

Dare: I Will Always Love Me

Valentine's day (sometimes referred to as singles awareness day) is upon us once again. This holiday is a big push by greeting card companies, chocolatiers and florists. But what if you don't have the love of your life with you on the 14th of February? Rather than sit home and sulk, here are some ideas for THE perfect selfie dates. Words: Jen Slater, Rebecca Bryant, Kate Robinson, Mollie Millington.

Lingerie exhibition

If you're flying solo, ignore the V-Day packages that South Place Hotel is offering and go straight to the first floor where you'll find Lingerie Draw/er. It's a collection of artist Dara Vandor's hand drawn, photo-real pictures of lingerie. Think suspenders, frilly undies and see-through slips produced by tiny brush strokes. Best to drink in the kinky sights whilst sipping on one of their special cocktails designed for the season of lurve and relax in their private member's space Le Chiffre. Available to view any time until 16 February.

You're not alone

Ever been to a comedy gig on your own? No. Well you should. It's hilarious. More so because if you're watching Kim Noble perform his award-winning show You're not alone then you're guaranteed a few laughs. A mixture of live performance, comedy and film, Kim Noble presents one man's attempt at connecting with people through the medium of employment at B&Q. Yes B&Q. Sounds eccentric (it is) but you'll be so hooked you won't need a plus one to distract you. On until 7 March.

Have a fake date

Go on your very own faux date, with a mate. Grab your favourite pal and hit up some of the finest cocktail joints in town. Book a table at the Experimental Cocktail Club in China Town to experience what their latest their menu has to offer followed by a slap-up meal at the Four Seasons. If East is more you style, opt for a 'Breakfast in Bermuda' from the Looking Glass Cocktail Club in Hackney before you head to the Beagle in Haggerston for some fine British grub.

Get lost in the V&A

One of the best museums in London due to the eclectic collection, the long halls and the amazing gift shop make it an easy place to spend the day. Currently there is a wedding dress exhibit if you want to dream about your big day or you can visit the cafe for delicious lunch and a glass of fizz.

Hire a VPT (very personal trainer)

Learn to love and respect yourself by being the healthiest and best version of yourself. If you have always wanted to run a marathon or try powerlifting, there is no time like the present. Treat your body as the temple it is. It's the only place you have to live, after all. Check out our VPTs right here, you will fall in love with them.

Bounce on this

As in the table tennis venue... they're having an Anti-Valentine's Day party. A little friendly competition and trash talking will surely help you score a date for the following week. Table tennis can be tiring so be sure you wear a top that allows you arm to swing freely and a layer or two in case you start to sweat. Go on, give it a go. For more info, click here.

Rock climbing in Mile End

Learn a new skill that is good for your body too. Rock climbing not only involves physical strength but also cunning as you need to be planning how the heck you will get up to the top of the wall. It is also social as you will quickly learn to trust the person holding on the other end of the rope. For more info click here.