DJ/Instructor spotlight – Meet Kofi Mingo!

DJ/Instructor spotlight – Meet Kofi Mingo!

An instructor and a DJ? Only at Gymbox. Meet Commercial Dance instructor, Kofi Mingo

Hi Kofi! You’ve recently been in Amsterdam, what you been doing?

I love Amsterdam! I attended two different hip hop dance events, the IBE (the Notorious IBE) and Summer Dance Forever. It was a blast. For IBE, I not only danced, but I also put myself forward to be one of the DJs to support the event – I was able to play for the crowd and the dance in the International Kids breakin' battle. For Summer Dance, I qualified in the top 24 in the hip hop category, out of 300, but lost in the first round. Both experiences were loads of fun, and i'll be back next year!

You are both a DJ and an instructor teaching Commercial Dance at Gymbox, please explain!

I teach Commercial Dance at Gymbox, but I also DJ twice a week, at the Old Street and Stratford Westfield sites. Recently I have DJed for 2014 Russian Paralympics opening and closing after parties, and at Shoreditch clubs and bars such as Concrete, Trapeze, Bedroom Bar and Shutterbug.

In what ways does being a DJ make you a better instructor?

Being a DJ definitely helps with understanding the music and way it can affect who listens to it. As an instructor I prepare full mixes to teach to, plan my structure efficiently, which offers more control and understanding to the class environment. Gymbox members that have spoken to me tell me that they are surprised when they find out that I DJ and teach. Most them don't believe till they see it for themselves!

What else do you do with your time?

I spend a lot of time dance battling and researching music. I'm involved in numerous dance projects, from adverts, shows, productions and workshops. I train with my crew, the Rain Crew and I'm currently producing a 12 theatre piece for a company called Artists 4 Artists.

Silly question, but do you dance when you DJ?

Yes! Of course, how could you not feel the music. I know some people don't, but if I'm not enjoying it, then how can you expect the crowd to?

What would you say to people who would love to try Commercial Dance, but think they have two left feet and are too embarrassed to try?

To all those of you who think you have two left feet, that's a myth. Most of my classes have beginners in it. If you believe you can dance, that's all that matters.