DJ Spotlight – Meet Belle and Bex

DJ Spotlight – Meet Belle and Bex

Belle and Bex and are hot DJ duo that will soon be gracing the decks at a Gymbox near you soon... "Music inspires people, it connects people. We're really looking forward to being a part of the Gymbox family".

Hi ladiies! You've created a DJ mix especially for our members, in what ways will this complement their workouts?

It should make them want to work work work hard! We've tried and tested it, and as a result have some serious DOMS!

Does keeping fit help you when you DJ?

Definitely! It really helps our energy levels and mental focus.

What do you both do to keep fit?

Belle: I love any exercise – dancing, weight training and high intensity cardio, so naturally I have gravitated towards CrossFit.

Bex: I prefer lower intensity training like astanga yoga and swimming. We're both massively into science within nutrition, therefore keeping fit for us is not just about the working out element.

What has been the most unusual gig you've done so far?

We have one coming up actually. This xmas we'll be playing in Puerto Rico, and in the jungle. There are some mind-blowing venues and club spaces out there, and DJing in the jungle will definitely be a first.

Do you spend time planning sets or do you turn up, feel the vibe, and play?

A bit of both really. Sometimes if we're booked for a specific event we'll have a rough idea of the direction we'd like to go in, but quite often it changes on the night depending on the crowd and the vibe.

As you know we have DJs at all our clubs, is this something you've seen before?

We have seen it before in a couple of gyms, and it's great to have a DJ playing live. But, in order to really maximise the experience, the whole atmosphere needs to be right, and not all other clubs get it. You need to have a good sound system and the right lighting to create an experience straight away. When we walked into a Gymbox club for the first time there was an amazing energy in the room.

Do you believe listening to music while you're training can impact on performance?

Yes. Sometimes if you are doing a tough workout and the music drops off it can make a difference. Music inspires people, it connects people, so in a space where everyone is trying to do their best it helps to have some good tunes.

You are going to start DJing for us at Gymbox towards the end of the year – what are you most looking forward to?

Yes we're super excited! Not exactly sure which club yet, but we're really looking forward to being a part of the Gymbox family. It's going to be really cool watching how what we play motivates the people around us, and depending on what's going on on the gym floor, we can take it into different directions.

Will your sets be tailored different to usual?

To be honest, we usually play quite upbeat and uplifting sets, so we're just going to do what we do best...

As a DJ duo, what have you learnt most about working as a team?

Probably to support each other in any situation. Things often don't go as planned so it's always good to have a partner that you can trust completely. Over time we've come to realise that it wouldn't be nearly as much fun doing it alone.

How has this translated into other areas of your life?

We were best friends from years back, and we also used to work the door together at some of London' nightclubs, so we've built up a trust that allows us to not only be friends and DJ together, but also to work with each other on our own business. From this came out DJ agency 'The Other Agency'.

What is your secret weapon that will make people burn the most calories on the dance floor?

Well, that wouldn't be a secret now would it!

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